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The Hastings Photography Group was formed in 2010 and since then has grown in size and ambitions.

It is an incorporated club with an active committee.
The current membership is 40 (February 2021).Membership is open to any person, whether a beginner or an experienced photographer, who wants to develop their photography skills in a friendly club environment.`

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Outside Covid- 19 restrictions we meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month from January to November at 7.00 pm at Emerald Downs Community Centre behind the Lighthouse Plaza Shopping Centre. 100 Ocean Drive. Port Macquarie. NSW.

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6:45 pm Digital evening — March Competit... @ EDCC
Digital evening — March Competit... @ EDCC
Apr 20 @ 6:45 pm
March Competition Results & Awards For entries already uploaded to website by 17th  March Projected Images — Judging — Awards Colin’s Challenge — presentation of this month’s images  
10:00 am Coffee Morning — Roto House
Coffee Morning — Roto House
Apr 21 @ 10:00 am
The Round & Round coffee kiosk will provide tables and chairs for us under the shade of the trees when the weather is suitable, or on the Roto House veranda when little more protection is[...]
10:00 am Coffee Morning — Roto House
Coffee Morning — Roto House
Apr 28 @ 10:00 am
The Round & Round coffee kiosk will provide tables and chairs for us under the shade of the trees when the weather is suitable, or on the Roto House veranda when little more protection is[...]
12:30 pm Lunch and Photoshoot @ Laurieton United Services Club
Lunch and Photoshoot @ Laurieton United Services Club
May 4 @ 12:30 pm
Lunch & Photoshoot — Image Review and Photo-editing 12:30pm  — meet for lunch in the LUSC Boardwalk Bistro  Link   à 1:15pm*  — move outside to photograph subjects in bright daylight and shaded areas using correct[...]
8:45 am Photoshop Workshop @ EDCC
Photoshop Workshop @ EDCC
May 15 @ 8:45 am – 12:00 pm
Workshop   Photoshop—Lightroom—RAW—Bridge New and enhanced features in Photoshop and more Practical workshop         Convener: Colin Bring your laptop, with latest Adobe updates — Important also charger and notepad  
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John Stranack, the Print Judge on Tuesday evening, said the following…

Judging can become very complicated. Every person (judge) has a genre they are partial to and because of that,
should you (as a judge or photographer) not have certain definite criteria an image should adhere to, you are in danger
of not being particularly impartial. Therefore I use visual communication in helping me be impartial towards any image.
The image has to answer TWO questions whilst I am assessing it:

1) What is this image about ? (try and answer this question honestly before you submit it to any competition)

2) What is the Intent ( here I look at the composition, the rule of thirds, the DOF, the sharpness of the image,
the technical ability portrayed. Intent = Which RULES were applied in making and
presenting the image?

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Prints and the quality submitted to the Competition.
Thank you for asking me to Judge your May Print Competition.

by Lindie Kolver, May 3, 2018

Update on Northern Zone Activities

Dear Members

Are you still thinking about attending the NZ Conference?

We are fortunate to have Laurieton United Services Club as our Conference Venue. They have provided five separate rooms for our exclusive use:  private registration foyer — conference room — exhibition hall — masterclass studio, —  dining.

There are seven masterclass shoots being conducted simultaneously on Saturday afternoon .

On Friday Evening from 6:00pm you’ll be able to stroll through the Print Exhibition at your leisure, assess each submission, and afterwards have a drink at the LUSC Bar and/or a meal with friends and acquaintances before retiring to your hotel, or going home.

On Saturday Morning the Registration booth opens at 9:00am sharp, and if you have not already enrolled for the Saturday afternoon Practical Masterclass Sessions, NOW is the time to do it. FOURTEEN Masterclasses are scheduled: SEVEN during the 1st session, and SEVEN during the 2nd session.

Each NZ delegate will be able to participate in at least two Masterclasses.

There will be Keynote Speakers throughout the Morning (as per the agenda) and you’ll be able to wander around the Exhibition Hall at any time to look and handle Cameras and Lenses brought by the Exhibitors. Also, talk to professionals about your photographic printing and equipment interests.

After Saturday Lunch at 1:30pm sharp, you should make your way to the foyer and join your Masterclass Leader. You will be lead to the venue/room by your Leader, where you’ll be busy for an hour — actively participating in the Masterclass.

After the first Masterclass, you should return to LUSC for ‘Tea and a Treat’, then make your way back to the foyer to join your Masterclass Leader for the next one-hour session.

If at any stage you feel bored or don’t want to participate in the ‘Shoot’ anymore, you are free to return to Exhibition Hall in LUSC and browse. The Hall will be manned all the time.

After the second Masterclass you are free to return to LUSC; have a drink; socialise with friends and acquaintances; browse the Exhibition Hall, attend a Slide show by David Oliver on his Bhutan Photographic Trips or by Tim Bauer on the famous faces he’s had in his lens in his illustrious 40-yr Career.

The pre-dinner drinks will start at 6:30 pm at LUSC and the Awards Night and Dinner at 7pm. Dr Roy Killen will give his Keynote address( Photography in your back-yard and beyond) and we will have a fun and laughter-evening.

On Sunday Morning we will have two Keynote addresses by two well-known and famous people (as per agenda). The Conference will finish up at 12:00pm on Sunday and Delegates will be able to make their way home.


Do not forget to pack the following for the Convention

Your camera with charged batteries, suitable lenses, external flash (and fresh batteries) if you have one and a tripod.

Hat, sunscreen, sunnies, enthusiasm and a willingness to try something new.

Bring this along to the Convention Venue on Saturday morning UNLESS you can nip to your accommodation during Lunch to fetch it before the Masterclasses start at 1:30 pm.

by Harry Bryant, April 4, 2018

Creating Stitched Panoramas

On March Club night Kevin Ho gave a presentation on creating stitched panoramas. His prepared notes can be read by clicking on Creating Stitched Panoramas

This is an update of my last post which had the incorrect day for 11th March, see corrected entry below.

His session with be followed up by a practical field trip on Sunday 11th March at 8.am. Members to meet at the entrance to the Westport Bowling Club.  Please follow the instructions in Kevin’s notes for setting up your camera and for the equipment you should bring to the outing. Help will provided by Kevin and other experienced photographers to get those wow factor images. The session will be followed by coffee at the Bowling Club.

By the way Kevin would appreciate your comments about his Tuesday session.  Please click on Leave a Reply below this entry.



by Harry Bryant, March 7, 2018

Record number of Submissions for NZ 2018 Set Subject

Thank you to all the Members who have submitted images for the individual
Set Subject (Australian Nature) in the Northern Zone 2018 Competition which closes
on the 1st MARCH.

What a BUMPER CROP ! 67 x Individual Images were received (I had only 32 by Tuesday-evening)
We will keep our word and NOT CHARGE the $1/image entry fee to our Entrants.
Good luck to our Members…it will be good to bring the Set Subject Trophy Home.

Have a nice and relaxing week-end.


by Lindie Kolver, February 23, 2018

Northern NSW Zone of Photographic Societies Convention 18th — 20th May 2018 — Laurieton United Services Club (LUSC)

The Hastings Photography Group is the host for this year’s Convention.

I recommend this year’s unique convention which has been very well planned by our own HPG Northern Zone sub-committee.  There will be a variety of eminent speakers and presenters and an opportunity for members to handle the latest cameras and lenses, to learn portraiture skills in a fully equipped studio with models and to attend other workshops to learn photography skills under the guidance of professional photographers. Competition entries from all clubs will be displayed at the Convention.

Photography Competition winners will be presented with trophies and awards at the formal dinner and for the first time I would like to see winners actually receive their awards in person., especially if they are HPG members, and don’t forget to book a dinner place for your partner to help make it a fun night.

Please get in early and register for the Conference by Registering on the new Northern Zone Website specially introduced by the HPG. I would love to see you there and showing what a great club we have.To find out more and to register for the Conference please click on the following link:

Please note you can use your HPG website user name and password on the site.

Northern Zone Convention



by Harry Bryant, February 3, 2018

Douglas Vale Vineyard Exhibition – 20th January

We have been asked by Douglas Vale Vineyard to participate in their Festivities by exhibiting some of our Club’s
Photographs. John & Susie Smith, Paul Barron, John Upton, Frank Kolver, Linda Appleby, Colin Bennett and Chris Randall
exhibited some of their already framed/mounted/on canvas Photos.

No sale was made, although John Smith has someone very interested in his Goliath Heron Image. Here’s holding thumbs, John !
We were entertained by Australia Sing, some Ukulele Players and Krista – the Zumba Instructor and her Group.

The ‘Tasting Room’, just next to us was well frequented and as a result we had a lot of feet passing by and out of decency, I suppose,
a lot of people had a look at the images before they could, guilt-free, go through to the Tasting Room. We might have picked up at least 6-8
people interested in visiting the Club and maybe becoming members. That alone would make the whole day worth our while.

A special thank you to Colin for his Print-Stand-rig he took out to the Vineyard on Friday already, and to Chris who trekked out there to help him.

by Lindie Kolver, January 20, 2018

POTY & DIOTY Evening

We had a lovely evening, filled with laughter, jokes and good food in the company of friends and members of the Club and their spouses.
We have not gone home as late in a long, long time. Thank you to each and everyone who stayed until the very end. I appreciated that very much.

Anita Targett was the lucky person whose number got drawn in the Raffle for a Full Day Tuition by Will Eades. Lucky girl !

John Smith was crowned the undisputed Winner with his image selected as TOP OVERALL IMAGE for 2017 . What was that bang ? Just a beautiful image,John. Straight
into the Northern Zone Club Competition with that one…thank you, Sirree…
Linda Appleby won the PRINT Division with her entry : A well-protected Family. Gary Bretell (the PIOTY Judge last year, said : A definite winner for Northern
Zone Set Subject entry in 2018 – tell that ‘girl’…so ‘Linds…you are hereby informed that he thought it a cracker image, so straight into Northern Zone Set Subject
(Australian Nature) with that one.

Roy Killen lectured on which images to choose for a National or International Competition-entry. Very interesting.

by Lindie Kolver, January 19, 2018

Welcome to Hastings Photography Group

For information on the club and how to join the please go to the About the Club page .

by MyPhotoClub Colin, June 22, 2017