For our last Presenter- Zoom-Meeting of the year we had Michael Snedic from Queensland do a talk on his Wildlife and Photo Tours. Michael has been a Photographer for 25 years and a wealth of knowledge to share. I include his Website-link for your convenience. CLICK ON HOME(!)

On his Website he has a facility to join his monthly Newsletter e-mail list. I am a recipient of his monthly newsletter and find it fascinating reading. I plan to join one of his full-day photographic outings early next year – it looks like just the way to shake the dust of 2020 from my feet !

Thank you to all the faithful Zoomers of the past year. Some of you went travelling as far around Australia as you were allowed to and still made a point to join the Zoom – Meetings on a Tuesday afternoon. Some chose not to join in our Zoom-Meetings even if it meant they could stay put on their couches and be entertained by merely clicking on the link. Others made time in their busy schedules to be ever faithful and attended the Zoom – Meetings without fail. Thank you to all !

Our FINAL meeting for the Year 2020 will be on the 15th of December at LUSC in Laurieton. We will start at 3pm, so please be there earlier if you want some refreshments from the Bar or Coffee Shop to take into the Meeting. LUSC has very kindly offered the Venue for free to us and we will repay them by availing of their Refreshments. Please contact JOHN SHAW to register for the event as we are still under Covid regulations and social distancing rules.

Virtual hugs