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Lindie Kolver

I am from South Africa, emigrated here in 2007 and moved to Port Macquarie in 2010.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
To be honest, some days I think I should just sell all my gear on e-Bay and be done with it, but other days I have so much fun and lose myself in my 'happy place' with my Camera. I know I don't ever want to be any more than an Amateur with a passion for up-to-date-gear. I also know now that this hobby called Photography consists of two components -: The Acquisition of Gear and the Actual use of the Gear.
Areas of interest
Wildlife, Portraits, Macro, Architecture, Street Journalism and Travel Photography . I don't like Landscapes and Seascapes much, and I am stumped when the Set Subject calls for Bridges or Ships and Boats - I have no idea how to make them look in the least presentable.
Favourite Equipment
Nikon D500 and Alpha 7III Sony 70-200 Nikkor Lens, 105mm f2.8 Macro, 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 and 16-35 f2.8 300mm Prime with 1.4 Convertor (I'll grab this one and my 105mm FIRST!) in the event of a fire. 105mm Macro Lens (when the house burns down, I'll grab this one to save too) 50mm f1.8 Art Lens 28-85mm Zoom
Computer Stuff
Samsung PC Windows 10 with a Gaming Console & 3x i-Pad's and i-Phone and also an Android Tablet. I've acquired a Kindle because I am sick of battling flat batteries on a 17-hour flight.There's at least 5387 books on these handheld devices. That is life , I suppose, acquiring digital books you full well know you'll never read. I work mainly in Lightroom, and use Photoshop for a few specific applications only. I find LR easy and especially like the fact that I can Batch-edit , because I shoot sequences, whether dancing sequences or wildlife antics.
Other info
I am the Webnaster and Competition Steward of the HPG. I love reading, birding and acrylic pouring and listening to music. Baking is a favourite pass-time and a spot of retail therapy is never to be sneezed at. I love Travel and visit Africa each year - ostensibly to visit Family, but I cannot get that over and done with quick enough so we can leave for the Bush.