Dear Members

As promised, the decision made by the Committee at the September Meeting.
Three issues were discussed regarding the Print Section of the End of the Year Competition ( POTY ): Hygiene ( handling of Prints ), Social Distancing and Exhibiting. As we are still unable to hold our meetings at the Club on account of Social distancing, the Prints won’t be able to be exhibited and that defeats the whole purpose of going to the expense of printing and mounting your submissions.

We will therefore ONLY have Digital of the Year ( DIOTY ) for 2020. The Competition-page is open. Reminder : Only images submitted throughout the year , ie November 2019 to October 2020 will be allowed in the Competition. You will not be able to upload from your Computer, ONLY from your Gallery on the Website. You will have time to submit your October images into the Competition as the results will be out on the 17th November, one day before the DIOTY closes

In the meantime…keep snapping !