Record number of Submissions for NZ 2018 Set Subject

Thank you to all the Members who have submitted images for the individual
Set Subject (Australian Nature) in the Northern Zone 2018 Competition which closes
on the 1st MARCH.

What a BUMPER CROP ! 67 x Individual Images were received (I had only 32 by Tuesday-evening)
We will keep our word and NOT CHARGE the $1/image entry fee to our Entrants.
Good luck to our Members…it will be good to bring the Set Subject Trophy Home.

Have a nice and relaxing week-end.


Alert! Images for Set Subject in Northern Zone Competition needed ASAP!

This is an urgent call-up for Members participating in the Individual Set Subject of the Northern Zone 2018 Competition, to submit their AUSTRALIAN NATURE images to me by Wednesday 21st FEBRUARY.

Landscape-orientation : 1920×1200 Size: <2000kb or 2Mb
Portrait-orientation : 1200 longest edge. Size <2000kb or 2Mb
Format : Jpgs
4 Images allowed per Member to Lindie Kolver @

The Northern Zone Competition’s closing date is the 1st March and Chris and I need to fill in paperwork in triplicate and burn CD’s and mount Prints and pack everything up and POST or COURIER it to Grafton Club so it reaches them BEFORE 1st March. You can help us by sending me your images in good time so I can do the necessary and get to work in filling in those forms, seeing most of the Clubs in NZ shot us down when we proposed they load their images directly on the NZ site. Now we do it the ‘way it’s been done for 40years’

Thank you to everyone who will be participating in the Individual Competition and good luck !

Lindie (6582-3649/ 0431-695-412)

Saturday Workshop – Take Control of your Camera

Kevin Ho ran this workshop on Saturday 10 February at the Emerald Down Community Centre, Port Macquarie.  It was great to see some of our new members attending the workshop at which participants learnt about the menus, settings, buttons etc on their camera encouraging them to move away from the ‘Auto’ settings on their cameras.  This session will be followed by a hands-on field trip on Saturday 24th February at  Shelley Beach (see events calendar). To read and print Kevin’s workshop notes please click:Take Control of Your Camera – Kevin HO

Northern NSW Zone of Photographic Societies Convention 18th — 20th May 2018 — Laurieton United Services Club (LUSC)

The Hastings Photography Group is the host for this year’s Convention.

I recommend this year’s unique convention which has been very well planned by our own HPG Northern Zone sub-committee.  There will be a variety of eminent speakers and presenters and an opportunity for members to handle the latest cameras and lenses, to learn portraiture skills in a fully equipped studio with models and to attend other workshops to learn photography skills under the guidance of professional photographers. Competition entries from all clubs will be displayed at the Convention.

Photography Competition winners will be presented with trophies and awards at the formal dinner and for the first time I would like to see winners actually receive their awards in person., especially if they are HPG members, and don’t forget to book a dinner place for your partner to help make it a fun night.

Please get in early and register for the Conference by Registering on the new Northern Zone Website specially introduced by the HPG. I would love to see you there and showing what a great club we have.To find out more and to register for the Conference please click on the following link:

Please note you can use your HPG website user name and password on the site.

Northern Zone Convention



POTY & DIOTY Evening

We had a lovely evening, filled with laughter, jokes and good food in the company of friends and members of the Club and their spouses.
We have not gone home as late in a long, long time. Thank you to each and everyone who stayed until the very end. I appreciated that very much.

Anita Targett was the lucky person whose number got drawn in the Raffle for a Full Day Tuition by Will Eades. Lucky girl !

John Smith was crowned the undisputed Winner with his image selected as TOP OVERALL IMAGE for 2017 . What was that bang ? Just a beautiful image,John. Straight
into the Northern Zone Club Competition with that one…thank you, Sirree…
Linda Appleby won the PRINT Division with her entry : A well-protected Family. Gary Bretell (the PIOTY Judge last year, said : A definite winner for Northern
Zone Set Subject entry in 2018 – tell that ‘girl’…so ‘Linds…you are hereby informed that he thought it a cracker image, so straight into Northern Zone Set Subject
(Australian Nature) with that one.

Roy Killen lectured on which images to choose for a National or International Competition-entry. Very interesting.