Dear Members – let’s try something new.

I have uploaded a RAW image on the Website and the challenge is : Edit it ANY way you want. If you think it’ll convert to Mono nicely , feel free to put it ‘through it’s paces’. If you think a ‘new sky’ is needed, feel free. No restrictions whatsoever on what you may do. It’s in the OPEN Category.

How to retrieve the image from the Website :Click on Members>look in the Window for Competitions and click on Editing Challenge (closing-date 21 August)> you’ll see ”DOWNLOAD image” to the left with a down-arrow pointing > Click on that, download it to your Laptop/PC, edit it, re-size it for the Website after you are done and upload to the Website in the relevant ‘Competition’

In the Edit Challenge file you’ll see what others have done to/with the same image. We might learn something about different member’s ‘work-flow’. After the closing-date, I’ll open the Website for you to vote for the ‘best’ one.

Happy editing !

Virtual Hugs