During this Covid-19 pandemic the HPG has tried to maintain member contact by using the Zoom meetings App, and so far we have held four meetings. We are still developing our Zoom skills so that we can maintain communications with members including a session by Col Bennett on copying an image from one photo to another photo using Photoshop. In this week’s session we had a presentation from Garry Gannell on using the Affinity photo editing program as an alternative to Photoshop.

We have produced a video of the meeting, and will attempt to send it to members via Dropbox, because it is too large for this site.

I thank our presenters and participants for joining the meeting and look forward to seeing more members joining our Zoom meetings.

I will announce next Tuesday’s subject when I send out the next Zoom meeting notice and would like to continue this service for members until this emergency is over.

We have not reached the degree of technical sophistication of the ABC but it is a start, and I hope we can further develop our expertise as this Corona virus continues to afflict us and I invite members to send me their ideas for dealing with this crisis.