Photoshop Workshop Saturday 9 June 2018

Today’s Photoshop workshop was run by Kevin Ho on the subject of Making Local Adjustments using Layers and Masks. Kevin showed members how to improve their images by making adjustments to levels, saturation and sharpness etc..  This was a great introduction to the subject and members followed Kevin’s instruction to improve the own images.  Members can access Kevin’s notes by clicking the Members menu item at the top of this page and clicking on Tutorials Lesson Notes and Information.

Would members please respond to this post by leaving a reply (see below in blue) listing the specific photo editing tools, menus or or post processes they would like to learn.  Please be very specific so we know what skills you would like to learn and can arrange further workshops..

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Colin Bennett
Colin Bennett

Hi, all members, I loved Kevin’s workshop this morning on layers & layer masks. I thought I knew all about this subject, but Kevin brought out some new tricks I didn’t know about.
Thanks Kevin for all the work you put into your presentation this morning.

Stewart Cooper
Stewart Cooper

Great job as always by Kevin 🙂 and great introduction to layers.

Additional sessions I would be interested in on layers includes:
– Better understand the use of the Quick Selection and Magic wand and when to use either as well as the Lasso tools.
– Use of the Dodge and Burn Tools
– More on the different brushes and when to use
– Merging layers
– Changing backgrounds and or the foreground of an image

Jody Carey
Jody Carey

Sorry I missed another great workshop. Thank you for the presentation notes for those of us with overflowing Saturday activities. One thing I would like help with is the backlit dreamy look and what can be adjusted in photoshop. An example can be found here.