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The Hastings Photography Group was formed in 2010 and since then has grown in size and ambitions.
It is an incorporated club with an active committee.
The current membership is 43 ( 13th October 2019).
Membership is open to any person, whether a beginner or an experienced photographer, who wants to develop their photography skills in a friendly club environment.`

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We meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month from January to November at 7.00 pm at Emerald Downs Community Centre behind the Lighthouse Plaza Shopping Centre. 100 Ocean Drive. Port Macquarie. NSW.


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6:45 pm Club Night — Beginners—Refresher...
Club Night — Beginners—Refresher...
Mar 3 @ 6:45 pm
If you would like to learn about any or all the subjects listed below, this is the night for you — a must for ‘newbies’ Bring your camera and talk to the experts Camera set-up[...]
8:45 am Workshop — Photo Editing Course ...
Workshop — Photo Editing Course ...
Mar 14 @ 8:45 am
Colin will continue with more creative ideas Venue: HPG Club Room     Cost: $5:00 including refreshments Bring your laptop with Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge installed and up-to-date Bring Notepad to take notes as required Colin will[...]
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Re : Still Life Photography ( Composition is Key)

Find a link to an amazing article on the COMPOSITION of a Still Life Image : 




Happy snaps over the next few weeks.

Remember : You are allowed to submit your Still Life Images into Open Colour as well as Mono…not only in Set Subject.





by Lindie Kolver, November 23, 2018 Share:

Still Life examples you can try in December for submission in Open Colour in February

A Dropbox -link for your convenience 




You are allowed to enter any Still Life-images in both the Open Colour  and Mono Category for February if

you have not gotten around to doing much yet for the January Competition Set Subject which closes on Wednesday 21/11/18

at 5pm

Happy Snaps !












by Lindie Kolver, November 20, 2018 Share:

Images that will change the way you see Boulders and Rocks (Set Subject for March, closing in February 2019)

Members :

Herewith a link to the Viewbug-Portfolio.

Feast your eyes and let your imagination run free !





Happy Snaps !



by Lindie Kolver, November 20, 2018 Share:

POTY DIOTY Upload instructions

It is time to upload your digital images for the 2018  POTY and DIOTY competitions, including the digital footprints of your print entries.

Closing date for uploading to the website is 24 November at 5.pm.

Full instructions have been prepared and are attached on the link below:

How to upload Images for POTY&DIOTY


by Harry Bryant, November 19, 2018 Share:

Re : Link to inspirational Images for one of our Set Subjects : Looking Down


Above is a link to the ViewBug Website and a wide variety of images

which were submitted (and gained awards) to the Contest : Looking Down

We have a similar Set Subject Competition in June 2019 (entries close in May 2019)

Looking Down : A higher camera angle, while shooting straight DOWNWARD onto the 

Subject…look down from your own height, a ladder, a building, a plane.

Examples to get your Creative Juices flowing so you can submit different/clever/and great




by Lindie Kolver, November 19, 2018 Share:

Upload your POTY & DIOTY images directly from your Gallery on the Website

The PIOTY & DOTY Competitions with their various categories are now open for Members to upload their entries.

How-to Instructions :

Log in to the Website > Members > Enter a Club Competition > Click on the Competition you want to enter > (your personal Gallery will open with ALL the images you have loaded during 2018, plus the score you were awarded for each) > Click on Thumbnails to have a look at your images > Click on  SELECT (the image you’d like to use) for the Competition you’ve clicked on ( ie. POTY- Nature, Mono, Colour ot DIOTY-Nature, Mono ,Colour )> WAIT (!) for image to upload > repeat the above steps until you have loaded different  images into the various Categories in both Print and Digital (should you want to participate in both.)

Three (3) images are allowed for each Category (Nature, Mono & Colour) in both Print and Digital (a total of 18 DIFFERENT Images !) You may enter an image ONLY ONCE  !!

You can remove any uploaded image from the Competition-site and enter a different image again at any time before the close of Competition which is 24th November @ 6PM.

You will notice that the November 2018 Competition’s different categories are still marked as NO RESULT – you’ll have to wait until after the 20th November to ascertain if some of those images might be good enough to enter into POTY & DIOTY.


Note : You are allowed to enter the Print Competition with Digital Competition Images (and vice versa) , PROVIDING you do not duplicate images in the various Categories


One last thing : You will NOT be able to upload an image for use in the POTY & DIOTY Competitions from your PC – it is NOT allowed. That pathway has been blocked – you may only use the images showing in your Gallery.


I will have a PowerPoint-presentation ready for Club-night on the 6th to illustrate the ease and uncomplicated way to upload images.


Kind regards





by Lindie Kolver, October 30, 2018 Share:

Saturday Outing to Linda Appleby’s Garden

by Lindie Kolver, October 20, 2018 Share:

Selective Colour Workshop

Dear Member

On Saturday 13th October 2018 we are holding a Creative Experimental Workshop at the EDCC between 9 am and 12 noon.

The major objective of this fun workshop is to help members generate ideas to get their creative juices flowing and then demonstrate ways in which these ideas can be applied using different Photoshop techniques using multiple or combined images

Kathy will discuss ways of generating ideas using a Disney technique drawing on input from the attendees.

Kevin will then present a PowerPoint presentation, about how to create the attached composite images, from 4 single images.

Members , as usual, will need their laptop with PS CS6 or CC installed. If they don’t have a laptop, they can share another member’s computer.

Colin and Kathy will help members during the Workshop.

We hope this will be a fun morning and members without a lap-top can still participate, learn and enjoy the usual tea/coffee break.

by Harry Bryant, October 11, 2018 Share:

Equipment for Sale by David Ledgerwood

For details please click on the following link:

2 Canon Cameras and 1 lens for sale

by Lindie Kolver, September 27, 2018 Share:

Photoshop Workshop – Selective Colour

Kevin will present a Workshop on ‘Selective Colour’, on Saturday 15 September, between 9 am and 12 noon. This will be a good guide to editing images for our next monthly Set Subject, Selective Colour. and this workshop will be a good way to learn PS techniques apart from Selective colour, e.g. Layers, Camera RAW filters, History Brush, Selection Tools etc. If you have a laptop with Photoshop CS6 or CC, please bring it along or just come along to see how it is done.

Please arrive early (8.50am) to help setup. The cost is $5.00 pp & includes Morning tea.


by Harry Bryant, September 14, 2018 Share: