Ilona Abou-Zolof and Christina Brunton are two ladies from Sydney who introduced us to Altered Reality/ Creative Work in the Club a few years ago.

I sent them both the same image with the brief : This is Alice in Wonderland. Create something ‘fairy-like’ for a Brochure to be printed please.

After the Zoom-Workshops recently with Michelle Kennedy as Tutor (the FCC Secretary) a few Members in our Club have taken to this genre with enthusiasm.

Colin Bennett, our In-House Guru has been teaching aspects of this very challenging genre during Zoom-Meetings on a Tuesday at 3pm. Make sure you have the Zoom App downloaded and we have your e-mail address to send the invitation-link to. It’s fun ! Participate with the rest of us – even if you never attempt something like this, it’s a lovely hour spent on-line with like-minded people.

Just a very ordinary photograph of Rommley as Alice in Wonderland, taken in a paddock on a rather windy day.
Ilona envisaged Alice after she had taken some of the ‘magic-potion’, at the end of the Rabbit hole with weird and wonderful stuff around her
where she landed
Christina envisaged Alice after she had taken some of the ‘magic-potion’ in a field of pink with the White Rabbit and the black Cat looking on.