Tuesday (16th April) is Digital Night, but also Practical Workshop from 3-5pm. Come and join in the fun, shooting ICE-CRYSTALS under the watchful eye of Di & Colin Schofield at the Club-venue.

Everything will be set up for you. All you need to bring : Camera (battery charged) and Macro Lens (anything from 85-105), Tripod, Remote release/shutter release and polarising filter – if you have one and your enthusiasm. Loads of it. If you come with ONLY a SD-Card…fine…you can shoot with a Camera already set up at a Station, and take your images home and you would not have missed being part of the Shoot.

If you would like to join us at The Tavern between 5:15 – and 6:30 for a Chicken Schnitzel and something long and cold before we start the live Judging of the Digital Competition for April at 7pm, you are most welcome.

Please try and make the afternoon shoot…Di & Colin will be travelling from Newcastle especially to lead this Masterclass. Let’s show up in numbers.