There are only 3 (three) Categories : Open Colour, Mono and Nature. Each member is allowed 3 (three) images per category. You are only allowed to upload from your stash of images ALREADY submitted this past year (the Year goes from NOVEMBER 2020 – OCTOBER 2021) The October competition will be back in time for you to submit any image you might have done well with to the DIOTY (Digital Image of the Year Comp). You are allowed to swap images from one category to another , ie. Set Subject awarded images may be entered in Open Colour , Mono or Nature (keeping in mind the Nature definition of no man-made items showing, etc and the Mono category contain only Black & White images.

How to submit to the DIOTY ? Log in with your name. Proceed to DIOTY 2021 Competition > click > click on the green window (select from existing uploaded images) > you’ll be taken to your ‘gallery’ where all the images you have entered this year are shown with the award you achieved next to it as well as the month you entered it > click on the desired image > it will open on another page with an orange window at the top of the image that says : Enter this image in DIOTY 2021>click on the orange tab>the website takes you straight back to the Competition entry form as you know it> click on the category you wish to enter the image in to>click on submit your entry. Repeat this procedure with all the images you wish to enter in the final competition of the year , DIOTY 2021. Stick to only entering images from November 2020 – October 2021 , please !

If you have any questions or queries or need help, kindly contact me on my Mobile or my Landline (0431695412 / 55150450)