Colin Bennett has created a challenge for ALL members to participate. It’s simple : He gives the weekly brief to all of us in an e-mail and you submit ONE photo based on that brief directly to the HPG Website. I have created a Folder which reads : Colin Bennet : WEEKLY CHALLENGE 2021 on the Competition Page. Log in > Member and look for the folder (it’s situated between the June and July monthly competitions). Remember, you can only load Club-sized images 1920×1200 or 1200 Longest Edge.

Only a few members so far (and the email goes out to all 38 Members weekly !!) have ‘played with’ and submitted images. Have a look what members came up with so far and decide for yourself if you want to participate. It’s not a big ask. At least it will get you to pick up your camera once a week and blow the cobwebs off the lens, which is more than most of us have done this past year.

The brief for the first week was LIGHT

Steve Findlay’s take on LIGHT
Lindie Kolver’s take on LIGHT
Colin Bennet’s take on LIGHT
John Shaw’s quirky take on LIGHT
Lindie Kolver’s 2nd take on LIGHT

The brief for the 2nd week was LOOKING UP

Ray Cooper’s take on LOOKING UP
Steve Findlay’s take on LOOKING UP
John Shaw’s take on LOOKING UP
Lindie Kolver’s take on LOOKING UP
Colin Bennet’s take on LOOKING UP
Lindie Kolver’s take on LOOKING UP (into the bottle….mmmm)

The brief for the 3rd week was CLOUDS

Colin Bennet’s take on CLOUDS
Harry Bryant’s take on CLOUDS (Sunset in Port)
John Shaw’s take on CLOUDS
Lindie Kolver’s take on CLOUDS
Ray Cooper’s take on CLOUDS
Steve Findlay’s take on CLOUDS

Besides getting you off your Couch, there’s also the possibility of you bagging an image which just might be competition-worthy.

In the mean-time – look out for an e-mail from Colin and participate. It’s not difficult, it’s not asking you to donate blood or offering up one of your children – the invitation is : Submit ONE photo according to the brief (size it exactly the same as you would for the Club Web-page, load in directly on the website in the COLIN BENNET : WEEKLY CHALLENGE 2021-folder and we’ll leave you in peace for a whole week !

Happy Snapping !