Dear Members,

I’ve re-opened the Pointscore for your perusal. Log in >Member> on the Competition-loading page on the LEFT-HAND side (on the top, next to View my Entries – purple window) is a blue window that reads POINTSCORE. Click on that and then click on either Digital :- Mono, Open Colour, Nature and Set Subject to see everyone’s scores for each of the Categories. If you have entered only Open Colour or Set Subject , those are the categories you click on to see your cumulative score.

I will close the feature again in September so we won’t know precisely who lies where at the end of the Year. A bit of a surprise for us…

Someone might just ‘steal’ away the Aggregate Competition this Year from the usual suspects

Load your image for Colin’s Challenge just as you would your Competition images. Colin Bennet’s Challenge can be found between JUNE and JULY ’21 Competition entry windows on the Website. This week ‘s brief : Bottle / s

In the meantime…keep dry and safe , but take your Camera out in the rain over the next few days to get some rain-shots for the Set Subject later this year. Go as far as your Garden and I’m sure you’ll see something unusual or pretty with reflections.

Virtual Hugs